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Sort by Earned Awards should prioritize games that actually have achievements


See my list of GOG games for illustration: https://www.exophase.com/gog/user/Retodon8/
My suggestion is that when I Sort by Earned Awards, and I guess Exophase XP (EXP) as well, it should prioritize (show at the top) games that actually have achievements, because obviously I'm interested in those when I'm sorting like that.

Right now games without achievements aren't discriminated against, so after the games where I already earned some achievements, I get a whole bunch of irrelevant games because technically I have 0 achievements for both kinds of games.

I actually posted pretty much the same feature request over at GOG.com, so I took the lazy route en rewrote that a bit for here. :p If anyone wants to vote for that feature over there: https://www.gog.com/wishlist/site/s...oritize_games_that_actually_have_achievements

Thanks for listening. :)👍


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That is a good idea, will make this change soon!