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Suggestion: Register Site as a Verified Brave Creator


Brave browser offers ad blocking built-in with the browser. It allows users to opt-in to receive custom ads where they receive a portion of the income made by those ads. Users can then tip websites they use with the BAT generated to make up for blocking their ads. It costs nothing to implement the website through their creator program and has the potential to provide additional income for the site. I see no downside to this as it provides a new method to fund future updates.

Just a suggestion since I love this site so much and would love for it to grow more!


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Yeah, when I attempt to tip the site it doesn't go through as it does for other sites. Maybe it should be looked into?
I will try contacting support - not sure why that is, it says verified in the publisher panel and payments from the ad views have been going through.