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Supreme Commander


Thoughts on Supreme Commander? I was obsessed with the original game for the PC, Total Annihilation. At the time it was the only game i knew that had upload-able and modifiable units and i got hooked on that, everything from crazy ass mechs to star wars ships. Only game i knew to have a little over a million different units made for it. They even went on to recreate the engine to add a first person perspective to it. Then Chris Taylor, creator of the game tried to buy the IP from some company but couldn't do it, so he renamed it Supreme Commander and considered a 'Spiritual Successor' to Total Annihilation.

I have honestly yet to play it, simply because it just died out soon after release even though many magazines when apeshit over it when it was under development.

Why did it fail? I don't know, nor do i care enough anymore to know, but im curious as to know if anyone's played either the first one, or its current predecessor.

Let me know your thoughts.


TA was fun but SC was cooler. It failed cause it's really hard and has stupid requirements because it's not optimized well. I've only played it a few times but if I ever had a computer that could play it, it'd definitely be one of the things I keep on it.