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Surround Sound on PC?

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Hey there,
I'm trying to get my computer to output surround sound to my X41 (Surround sound headset) transmitter... I've plugged the optical cable between the 2, and the transmittor knows it's getting digital input, and I've told Windows in Control Panel that Dolby Digital is supported, so everything should be fine, but the LEDs on the transmitter indicate that it's decoding the audio with Dolby Pro Logic II... Which indicates it's receiving Stereo. It should indicate Dolby Digital, which is does when I use my 360 or PS3 with them.
I tried playing CSS to see if it changed it, and putting the audio from 2 speakers to 5.1 to 7.1 didn't change what the LEDs said...
What could be wrong?


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You need a sound card which supports Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect. If you don't, it will only work in movies which have DD/DTS streams and you choose SPDIF for the audio output device.


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You have to check some of these,
is the rear channel and sub plugged into the right ports on the soundcard and in real control panel is surround sound clicked.
how are the audio wires connected to the pc?
If you play a file with 2 channel audio your system will only output stereo. Most notably in music
If you play a file with 5.1 audio your system will output 5.1 sound. Most notable in movies with Dolby digital or DTS sound


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Do you have a sound card?. If you do please mention it, I think your sound card is not supporting your surround sound configs. If you are not using a sound card then you have to buy one. Without sound card you cannot expect to hear surround sound. As your ps3 already has one, it manages to output the desired sound.