Team Total_Noob vs Team PRO?

Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew' started by kathy025, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. kathy025

    kathy025 Live fast. Die young.

    Hello guys,

    The PSP scene is very alive and kicking, so much that sometimes it borders along the confusing leaving me stuck with 5.03 GEN-C. :confused1:

    From what I've been seeing, both TN and PRO have very solid following. Here I'd like to know the OBJECTIVE reasons why I must choose one over the other? No fanboyism please.

    A quick summary of the pros and cons of both releases would be helpful indeed.
  2. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    Just because there's lot of HENs coming out doesn't mean it's alive. It is pretty much dead.

    Anyway to answer your question, I use PRO just because it supports the PSPgo pretty damn well since the beginning and I've had zero problems with it. But they're so similar I guess it's just up to what tickles your fancy xD
  3. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    i think its more alive now that it has been in a long time. sure it's not the vibrant community it once was, but it's seen a minor revival as of late. look at the genesis competition for example. 111 entries and some truly great homebrew came out of that.

    anyway, back on-topic :p

    from my understanding, if you're more interested in homebrew games go with tn, and if you are more interested in iso playback go with pro. supposedly tn has better homebrew compatibility, but it does not come with a built-in iso loader (you must use an extenal loader, like aLoader). on the flip side pro has a build in iso loader with additional iso drivers, but may not be as compatible with homebrew games & apps. another advantage pro has over tn is that a pro compatible version of popsloader was recently released and continues to be improved and updated, so if ps1 games are your fancy that's a definite plus.

    the only other major difference is that the pro cfws are updated regularly (think nightly builds) and have a number of developers working on them, while tn isnt updated regularly and may not be updated anymore at all as total_noob has supposedly quit developing.

    other than that, both have permament patches (for certain firmwares and modules), both allow plugins, and all the other cfw-y stuff.

    i hope this helps clear things up :)
  4. kathy025

    kathy025 Live fast. Die young.

    Hi ultimakillz,

    Thank you, that was helpful indeed.

    Team PRO it is for me then. 8)
  5. kathy025

    kathy025 Live fast. Die young.

    Hey guys, which is better for LCFWs - OFW 6.35 or OFW 6.39? Why?
  6. karnbmx

    karnbmx ceebs. :)

    To my understanding, both OFW's have CFW running on them, so just go 6.39 I guess.

    I doubt it makes a huge difference which one you use anyway.

    and, in regards to the life of the PSP scene, I agree with utimaskillz. It's still around, but not as vibrant and publicised as before. People have moved on to other, more recent devices like Touches and Androids, and IMO, there just seems to be more potential there than on the PSP. TBH, I can't even remember where my PSP is now, probably eating dust in my cupboard somewhere. :mellow:

    But no doubt the Genesis comp really brought out some good homebrew for the masses on chew on (or at least nibble on).

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