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My profile shows unranked right now for steam. I can only figure its due to recent activity in Deus Ex Mankind divided. My steam profile shows 19(?) achievements were unlocked yesterday 27th december, 6:51pm. I've had a lot of family over last few days, cousins kids were playing on my computer. already had to removed epic games launcher and fortnite from my PC, and I found SAM in the download folder so thats the only explanation I have. As to why, they're kids I don't know. I do assume they say me playing it while they were here and I had told them i was playing for the achievements. So manybe they thought they were helping? But anyway If unranked is permanent its no real issue.

Edit: Already gone and relocked the achievements with SAM.
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Hey there, your account has been marked for Lost Ark. Based on the information we have, its completion is impossible right now since some of the content required for a few achievements is not yet available. You also have only 4 hours in it and over half of the achievements are unlocked with a duplicate timestamp.

You'll need to re-lock that game following this guide: https://achievementhunting.com/guides/relock, and also please check your achievements history to see if you have any other cheated games.
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