The ultimate tutorial to upgrading your PSP's CFW

Discussion in 'PSP FAQs and Guides' started by Skorpian, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Skorpian

    Skorpian Hmmm...

    -Outdated guide-

  2. amrcidiot

    amrcidiot MFM Survivor

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't even read this tutorial without it being absolute torture.
    If possible, could you take it easier on the colors you used on the fonts?
    Maybe it's just that I'm colorblind, but my eyes are literally in pain after looking at that.
  3. Skorpian

    Skorpian Hmmm...

    All the font is bad? It's possible that you're using the MFM_Light style.
  4. Dan

    Dan Contributor

    It looks straining either way.
  5. Spiros

    Spiros Maiki

    If your copying your tutorials over from pspslimhacks, you should probably put a bit of thought into personalizing it to this community.

    And also the random colors and font size(for the warning atleast) aren't always pleasant to look at.
  6. Skorpian

    Skorpian Hmmm...

    Okay I'm so sorry guys I'll just try to re-type it with a good colour and @ Spiros : Sorry for that, fixed.
    EDIT: Okay guys all problems with text is fixed, I just used the button to remove text format to make it look good on both styles, also problem fixed in all of my guides.
  7. elite

    elite Oldie moldie

    No wonder you weren't able to maintain a number under character limit.
  8. Hellcat

    Hellcat Staff Member

    You can shorten GEN install when using RF by downloading the 5.50-GEN-D Firmware-Pack for RF and putting that (alongside the 550.PBP, of course) and then let RF flash the 5.50-GEN directely.

    RF 5.50-GEN-D3 FW-Pack (Phat and Slim)
  9. Skorpian

    Skorpian Hmmm...

    Yes I know but TBH, I tried to install it that way and I ended up with nothing able to run out of my backup ISO's. I know it works with most PSP's, but maybe it still has some bugs with some :D.
  10. elite

    elite Oldie moldie

    I think you did the very first add-on HC made. He then fixed it quickly while maintaining the URL. :)
  11. Skorpian

    Skorpian Hmmm...

    No I used the 1.10 one.

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