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Thompson takes advantage of VT Tragedy


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In light of the tragic shooting events that happened at Virgina Tech today, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson made an appearance live on FOX News at around 3:12 p.m. (GMT -4), spouting his usual lies on why video games cause violence. But get this: he is actually attempting to link the massacre to video games.

This man is scum, pure scum. To take advantage of the shootings that happened today for your own crusade against violent video games is just ridiculous.


Wow thats effin crazy .. 34 people killed .. Probly gang related NOT VIDEO GAME RELATED ..


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Thompson and Dr. Phil have likely never picked up a controller.

When people comment on something that they have no experience with, they end up looking like idiots to all those who actually do. Hence gamers look at Thompson and Dr. Phil in this light, while the non-gaming public eats up their nonsense.

Its important for gamers to keep pushing the other issues, and there are hundreds, that lead to tragic scenarios such as these.

R.I.P- victims of Virginia Tech massacre

Dr. Phil and Jack Thompson if you wanna stop tragedies like this, GET SOME TOUGH GUN CONTROL and stop blaming Rockstar.

Chilly Willy

Well, the latest reports say it was a disgruntled South Korean student who got tired of all the spoiled rich kids. I know those folks pissed me off in college, too, but I never gunned anyone down and I played video games all my life (started on a pong machine and progressed through every console released). Maybe if he HAD played video games, he wouldn't have been as pissed off at the rich brats.

The point is that both Thompson and Dr. Phil were talking out their -sses and video games had nothing at all to do with this shooting - but will either apologize for slandering the industry and millions of gamers? H-ll no! :mad1: