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Multi Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


New Member
I can't get to the beach at the end of the game. When I try to fast travel my game crashes. I can't seem to find a way to walk to the beach. I have been trying for hours now. I just want to beat this game and I am at 80% now.


New Member
I got rid of this piece of garbage game. Traded it in to GameStop. I really hate broken games. The last time that I played a game this broken was Fallout: New Vegas (with all of the patches installed).


Staff member
Enforcer Team
That's unfortunate. I didn't have any issues with the original release, played it on PC though.


New Member
I didn't have any problems with it either in terms of travelling. I couldn;t find the last mushroom in the red cap roundup though and that kept me from getting 100% completion, well annoying