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Hello, I just made/linked my steam account. I don't know which, it's been a while since I linked my account and I think I did before. Anyway, after I linked my account, I went to look at my stats only to see that my steam profile is not ranked.

I know from https://astats.astats.nl/ that my account has 2 games that are invalidated due to unlock time. The first being The Stanley Parable (as seen in Rules example NA - 9) and the second being Portal 2, a direct 100% from my PlayStation account.

I have not played TSP for over 7 years essentially "earning" the achievement the next time I were to launch the game if I didn't have the achievement already. What I did 7 years ago was dumb; I thought setting my system time ahead was a supposed 'legal' work around, and intended by the dev due to the nature of the game, but I understand now that it isn't.

The Portal 2 achievements are earned from the PS3 as seen by the links below, and the The Stanley Parable achievement that requires me to not play the game for 5 years can be achieved technically now/next time I launch the game.

If I am able to get my account ranked again for clarifying these achievements/games, if I'm notranked for other achievements, or if I need to do anything else to be reranked, please let me know, thanks!

Links referenced (The Stanley Parable proof attached as a PNG)
  1. Astats Invalid achievements
  2. Proof of earn date for Portal 2 achievements pre-transfer


  • TSP last played date.PNG
    TSP last played date.PNG
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Sorry for the delay, we have reviewed your account and didn't see any other issues, have added you back on the leaderboards now. We may have to still invalidate The Stanley Parable at some point, currently don't have that capability here though so I'll just make a note of it. Portal 2 looks fine, thanks for providing evidence of the PS3 unlocks.
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