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[TUT]How to use ZeroRCO Patcher


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In that tutorial i'll show you how to use ZeroRCO Patcher.
With ZeroRCO Patcher you can load gameboots and custom flash files on 6.20 TN.

*ZeroRCO Patcher v0.1
*6.20 TN-C installed

How to install ZeroRCO Patcher

1.Download it.
2.Unzip the archive.
3.Connect your PSP with the computer.
4.Copy zerorco_patcher.prx to seplugins in the psp root.
5.Open vsh.txt.
6.Add that line:
ms0:/seplugins/zerorco_patcher.prx 1

pspgo Users:
ef0:/seplugins/zerorco_patcher.prx 1
7.Create a new folder called RCO in the seplugins Folder.
8.Copy into that folder your rcos.

Only 6.20 rcos are working!.

HERE you can find the 6.20 RCOS.

Thanks NightStar3 for that awesome plugin ;)