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[Tutorial] Downgrading from Firmware 6.3X to Firmware 6.20


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Because some guys asked me about a TUT how to Downgrade from Fw 6.3x, I made one.

Works on PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 (newer 3000) or PSPgo!

You can downgrade with this downgrader from Firmware 6.39 to Firmware 6.20. From Firmware 6.38 to Firmware 6.20. From Firmware 6.35 to Firmware 6.20. And from Firmware 6.31 to Firmware 6.20.

Supported models:
PSP1000 [01g], PSP2000 [02g], PSP3000 [03g / 04g /07g /08g /09g], PSPGo[05g]

Unsupported models:
Nothing! (yet)

Identify your PSP model:

Nothing is easier than identifying your PSP's model:
1) Download PSP Module Checker v1.0 *SIGNED*
2) copy the extracted folder to PSP/GAME
3) Launch PSP Module Checker 1.0 via GAME -> Memory Stick.
4) Now you'll see your PSP's model.


I tested it by myself on a PSPgo with Datecode 9C and Firmware 6.38 ;=).

For this, you will need:
- PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 (newer 3000) or PSPgo
- a supported PSP model
-6.38/6.35/6.31 -> 6.20 Downgrader By Davee, ported to 6.38 by some1. V3
-Official PSP Firmware 6.20 for PSPGO
-Official PSP Firmware 6.20 for PSP 1000/2000/3000/4000
-Official PSP Firmware 6.35 for PSPGO
-Official PSP Firmware 6.35 for PSP 1000/2000/3000/4000


1.Extract the downloaded archive.

2.Ms0: (ef0:) / PSP / GAME / copy the Downgrader to this folder.
Ms0: (ef0:) / PSP / GAME / UPDATE / copy the official Firmware 6.20/6.35 Updater (EBOOT.PBP) for PSP 1000/2000/3000/40000 or PSPgo to this folder.

If you have anything lower than an 07g place the 6.20 update in PSP/GAME/UPDATE.
If you have an 07g or an 09g, place the 6.35 update in PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

3.It should look like this:

4.Launch the Downgrader from your XMB.

5.Press X to start the SCE Updater. (PSPgo Users: Press "X" twice)

6.The 6.20 updater will appear, update as always.

7.Now a BSOD ("Blue Screen of Death") will appear:

8.Press O to solve the problem and you're done.

Did you get a white screen?
Press Start + Select + Triangle + Square while your PSP boots up!

Updater problems?
Hummm...did you get this screen?

It looks like your Updater eboot is not valid. ReDownload it!

Reasons Why You're getting "Checksum MD5 Mismatch"

most likely you
- downloaded the wrong firmware file
- named the firmware file incorrectly
- put the firmware eboot in the wrong folder

9. Congrats...now you're on OFW 6.20, hope you enjoyed it ;).

It took me 1 hour to write and test it and to make screenshots, it isn't really difficult to say just thanks :).



It took me 1 hour to write and test it and to make screenshots, it isn't really difficult to say just thanks :).
/me says "thanks":



Nice screenshots! :)

And to add something productive:
On 6.39 the downgrader does not work (yet?)!
It aborts with "FW not supported" upon launch - dunno if the ksploit still works, I guess some1 just needs to try it.


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Big, Big, Big Update!
Thread update v2:
*added new downgrader version (V3)
*added 4 new pics
*added more text
*added a way to identify your PSP model on a OFW
*added a help tut if you get a white screen

cheers. flofrucht for all my fans & lovers ;p