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[Tutorial]How to use the Custom Gameboots


Elite|Gameboot Maker
Note: Im NOT responsible to any damage or loss to your psp!!

NOTE: You NEED TO Change the opening_plugin.rco and Gameboot.pmf of your PSP's FLASH0 to put Custom Gameboots......!

NOTE: Before i make this Tutorial all the Gameboots that i released is tested by ME on my PSP 2000(5.50 Prome-4) and PSP GO(6.20 TN-E Perma)

Never try this to PSP 3000 or PSP Go Version 6.3x this is only for psp that have 5.00 m33 5.50 Gen or 6.20 TN/Pro Permanent Patch!!

Heres the Step by step how to put the opening_plugin.rco and Gameboot.pmf to the Flash0!!

Step 1:Turn your PSP ON then Press select go to USB DEVICE just press Left Button or Right Button to Change the USB DEVICE Toggle it to Flash0.


Step 2:Connect PSP To Computer.


Step 3:Open your PSP's Driver (Sample D:/)

Step 4:Go to VSH/Resource



Step 5:Now Backup your Opening_plugin.rco and gameboot.pmf.


Step 6:After you backup your Opening_plugin.rco and gameboot.pmf just Drag or copy paste your Custom Gameboot.



Step 7:Now Disconnect your PSP.

Step 8:Reboot your PSP.

Step 9:After your PSP rebooted try to enter any game you like NOW you will see your Custom Gameboot playing.

Request and Download Gameboots:http://forums.pspslimhacks.com/show-off/12089-my-custom-gameboots-new-post.html