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[Tutorial] Install 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch on every PSP


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Because some guys asked me about a TUT how to install 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch on every PSP, I made one.

Works on PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or PSPgo!

I tested it by myself on a PSPgo with 6.20TN-D.

For this, you will need:
- PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or PSPgo
-6.20 TN-D
-6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch Pack


1.Copy the 620TND_PPATCH folder to ms0:/ or ef0: /PSP / GAME.

2.Disable [Protect Flash0] in the VSH Menu (Press "SELECT")

3.Launch 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch.

4.Press x to continue.

5.The original flash0: / vsh / module / vshmain.prx was now backed up to ms0:/ or ef0: / vshorig.prx.

Keep this file for safety reasons, if you'll have a brick you can use that file to recover your psp!

6.Press x again to launch the 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch in Test mode.

7.Launch the installer again, press x and then o.

8.The patch was now completely installed and the flash0: / vsh / module / vshorig.prx was renamed to vshmain.prx!

Now you stay permanently on 6.20 TN-D!


Launch the installer again and deinstall the Patch.


There are two recovery combinations:

-while starting the PSP hold R1, this will disable all plugins and set the settings to standard!
-while starting the PSP hold o + x + SELECT + START, this will restore the vshorig.prx that you have backed up!



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is this stable, from the research i did since your last posting of this, the result's were that this is still unstable, and unpredicatable


Um, sorry for the noobness of my current reply, but does this mean that ALL current PSPs can be flashed with permanent cfw?