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Upgraded ram in notebook. Wont change!


So i upgraded my ram from 1gb to 2gb. It worked the first time when i booted it up. Atleast it said 2gb in the control panel. I dont really know if it was any faster. Was hard to tell. But now when i have restarted it once it says 1gb. Tried replacing it with the old ram and back again but still shows 1gb. And i also tried going into the bios to see if i just have to change it there but my notebook just boots right into Windows for some reason now! :(

Its the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA i just bought. Any ideas? Im not to good with this.


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Things to try.
Take the old RAM out and just put in the new 1GB stick and see if it runs off that.

If both sticks on there own show 1GB then its unlikely to be a hardware fault.

Does the machine give out any beeps with the two sticks in?

Default keys for bios are usually. F2 / Delete / F10 / F12 from rough memory of laptops i've come across. Try tapping those keys repeatedly on a restart to try and get in.

Maybe try booting into safemode as well to see if it recognises the two sticks. Tap F8 on a restart to get the windows boot screen.


Take the old RAM out and just put in the new 1GB stick and see if it runs off that.
His included RAM was 1GB. Madsoul's just bought 2GB RAM. Read.

Are you running Linux? The Linux system pre-installed only recognises up to 1GB, yet your 2GB is active.

HP also stated that their netbooks can only recognise 1GB RAM, but any upgrade works fine on any OS.

Boot and press your BIOS shortcut. It will show you have 2GB installed, hopefully. Try repeatedly pressing your BIOS shortcut on bootup, considering that new RAM of yours is probably causing it to boot up too fast! :p


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If you just bought another 1GB stick (To have old + new = 2GB) I dont think it will accept 2GB.

Unless you upgraded from 2x 512MB (or any other variant), then ignore my comment


What kind of ram did you put in the notebook. DDR2 667 or 800, and what voltage is it?

Some models of 667 ram will only register as 1gb even if it is a 2gb stick. Make sure its ddr2 800 you're putting in the machine.


The ASUS 1005HA only has one ram slot.