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Using Custom buttons in opera 10.6 to maximize a window


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I am currently using a setup in opera with no title bar on Ubuntu 10.04(by using the Window Decorations option in Compiz). This is great, but i lose min, max, and close. I have managed to add close and minimize as buttons(using Minimize window and Close window actions, thanks to help here and here) but cannot seem to make a 10.6 compatible button that maximizes or unmaximizes a window.


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Hi. I’m new to Manjaro (and Linux in general. Trying out Manjaro with Gnome desktop environment. The only issue I’m having is that when I maximize Opera the minimize button disappears. In the top right corner I have an “X” to close the application. As pinoy tambayan says about this that stupid tab browser that’s included with Opera is directly to the left of the “X” Maybt the “-” to minimize the application is being covered up by the tab browser? I don’t know since there is no way to get rid of it.