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Verizon Replacement Policy?


New Age Retro Hippie
I have a Verizon W385 phone which I got August 2006. A few days ago I had it in my pocket and I was playing soccer. I fell and landed on it and now the screen is screwed up. There are other problems aswell: The battery only lasts about 4 hours of txting and only like 1 hour on the phone. Obviously I want a new one but my contract won't be up until May at the earliest.

My question is: Does anyone know Verizon's Replacement Policy for phones? It's not under warranty either btw.


MD Party Room
Talk to Verizon they may be able to push your upgrade....

If not then your going to be paying a 50+ for repairs depending on what phone you have..At a phone repair shop

Or just go to any Verizon store and outright buy the phone and change the esn... and that cost a min of 200 bucks for even those cheap free phones that you see...

Bottem line Verizon tech support will give you better help then we ever chould...The first thing you should have done is called them..