WannaCry: Have you or anyone you know been infected?

Discussion in 'Windows Related' started by KezraPlanes, May 16, 2017.

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    Pretty curious about it. Before WCry was even around, I remember a few days ago I was talking with a friend from college who works at a server maintenance company about exactly this new trend of ransomware and how people were catching them because most are tech-illiterate.

    While I never caught anything of the sort, I do remember back in 2011 when I was travelling to GamesCom (to meet up with some people from here) that while I was staying at a host's place, we caught something that might have been a precursor to this new ransomware trend. Though it just an overlay on top of Windows Explorer that said "child porn detected on this PC, call this number yada yada" and had an official looking German police logo on it.
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