WannaCry: Have you or anyone you know been infected?

Discussion in 'Windows Related' started by KezraPlanes, May 16, 2017.

  1. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    Pretty curious about it. Before WCry was even around, I remember a few days ago I was talking with a friend from college who works at a server maintenance company about exactly this new trend of ransomware and how people were catching them because most are tech-illiterate.

    While I never caught anything of the sort, I do remember back in 2011 when I was travelling to GamesCom (to meet up with some people from here) that while I was staying at a host's place, we caught something that might have been a precursor to this new ransomware trend. Though it just an overlay on top of Windows Explorer that said "child porn detected on this PC, call this number yada yada" and had an official looking German police logo on it.
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  2. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Active Member

    nope and the last one you mentioned I have seen a lot on mobile devices but can easily be cleaned by deleting the cache.
  3. TVippy

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    I want to ask you about something else entirely now. ;)

    You travelled to GamesCom from Portugal in 2011 to meet up with "ExoPhase People"? That's interesting, I thought it was a much younger site. Then I clicked on your profile and saw the registration date (2009)... just when was this site founded and where's the creator, x3sphere, from himself?

    I must also say that these forums seem pretty dead to me at the moment. The most active user is x3sphere himself, I thought. Although you have 3000+ messages :eek: somehow. Were these boards way more active back in the day or something?
  4. x3sphere

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    I can answer some of those questions -

    The site was actually founded in 2006 and the forums were pretty active back in the day, yeah. We mainly focused on the PSP - specifically the homebrew scene. We had a lot of developers release their apps/games on here, including custom firmware (which was a huge thing for the PSP). We also merged with another gaming community at one point (called M for Mature), whose users mostly came from QJ.net

    When Sony stopped supporting the PSP that's when activity dropped off here a lot. We saw a bit of an uptick again when the Vita was released, but that didn't last for long. The profile tracking wasn't added until around 2012-2013.

    Anyway it seems like the forums have been gradually picking up again. I think we have been slowly getting members that have been migrating from Raptr and other sites. Since this site is driven purely by worth of mouth, I have a feeling still a lot of users that used to use Raptr don't know about us so it's important to spread the word :)

    Also I'm based in the US (AZ).
  5. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    I'll answer your question first and then I'll pick up where x3 left off, but my own perspective.

    Yes, I did. Twas pretty fun but there weren't many of us: from the forums I believe it was me, npt and Hellcat and someone else I don't remember. Other people like Davee (PSP/Vita dev) and Bubbletune (PSP dev) were supposed to show up but couldn't make it. If we had all stayed I wonder if we could have made it a yearly thing, GamesCom is an amazing experience. When this forum was more active, it was almost like a family here - something I'd love if we could recapture and I'm sure x3 would too.

    I, myself, come from the MforMature forums and that's the theme I use still here in exophase :p Old habits die hard they say. Also trivia x3 forgot to mention: the site is named Exophase after the developer who created the original GBA emulator for the PSP that ran most games decently, something no one thought possible at the time.

    We used to have a frontpage with news and reviews/editorials which also helped generate discussions I guess.

    Most of my posts are made after the transition from MfM to Exophase however, since I was a pretty active member. I liked to break news early and that got me the Contributor status I still enjoy though I don't write articles anymore. I also liked to debate everyone on everything, I was a goddamn firecracker lol

    Back then it was something that tied itself to explorer.exe on Windows. Annoying as fuck.
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  6. TVippy

    TVippy Member

    You're a GOOD MAN. Thank you!
  7. TVippy

    TVippy Member

    Couldn't possibly imagine this site had such a rich and interesting history. You're pretty unique, guys. Cursious how the focus has changed completely from the PSP Homebrew scene to Achievement Tracking.

    But I guess now it's mostly on the shoulders of one man, x3sphere. If he decides to stop supporting this, we'll lose the best achievement tracking site (and there aren't a lot of those in general, to say the least!).

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