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Indie Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


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So the demo for Space Marine was released yesterday and just tried it myself.
Unfortunately the Space Marine page on Steam isn't available so can't install it the normal way but you can click this link to install the demo (need steam running). Useful if you're in the UK.

It is pretty dam good. Nice feel to it, plays like a mix of a hack 'n' slash such as Devil May Cry/God of War and a 3rd person shooter like Gears of War or Resident Evil 5. Another aspect I liked was the lack of time-based regenerating health. You have to stun enemies then execute them to gain health back instead of regularly killing, picking up health packs or hiding in a corner for 15 seconds.

Released in the US on the 6th of September and everywhere else on the 9th.

Anyone else thinking of picking it up?