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Waterhazmat - Steam


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My Steam profile was very recently marked not ranked, I think Ive used SAM a couple years ago and I thing that may be the reason for account not being ranked, I will gladly relock any achievements that were obtained illegitimately. I have fallen in love with achievement hunting and I really want my actual progress to be tracked and on the leaderboard.
Any ideas which games you used on SAM on? You were flagged for "A Mining Game" here:

As far as I know the achievement wasn't possible to get through normal means until around July or so, yet you have it unlocked in February.

You're also not ranked on SH: https://steamhunters.com/id/waterhazmat/games

It may be quicker to get your profile reviewed on SH, and if they clear you, I will remove the ban here (since we follow the same ruleset).
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After looking through my games I believe there are 21 total games that I used SAM on, although there may be more these are the ones I'm almost positive I used them on. I am also working on an appeal from SteamHunters but decided to list the games here as exophase is my main tracker.

-Artist Idle
-Guild Quest
-I can't believe it's not gambling
-idle bouncer
-idle heist
-insanity clicker
-lovers' smiles
-make it rain: love of money
-microtransaction simulator
-a mining game
-office space: idle profits
-the one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king
-open world game
-scream collector
-slash it
-time clickers
-trailer park boys: greasy money

I am willing to remove all achievements for these offending games and any others deemed not legitimate.