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What Albums Did You Listen To Today?


An Annoying Motherfucker
Straight Reads the Line - The Author

Relatively unknown metalcore band with some mathcore elements. They are from Canada so it's no surprise these guys sound like a heavier Protest the Hero.

Miss May I - At Heart

Probably their best overall effort in my opinion. Hey Mister is heavy as fuck. Reminds me of a heavier The Curse-era Atreyu. Ryan's singing voice is very similar to a younger Brandon Saller. Hopefully these guys don't sell out like Atreyu.


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Album: All Out Life
Band: Slipknot
I've never been a fan of heavy metal, but since listening to this song on FB2Mate, I've changed my opinion.


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My favourite albums are faced Yourself and their Japanese Album is my no. 1 favourite with Don’t Leave Me as my most favourite track on that album. I love all the tracks including the Intro: Ringwanderung.
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Gustavo Woltmann

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These days, there’s more good music available at your fingertips than you could ever hope to listen to.
Dendelion Gum Black Moth super rainbow