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Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew' started by Gwapingn8, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Gwapingn8

    Gwapingn8 New Member

    Ok. I looked around in the sites and haven't seen anything... so I will just post a thread about the problem I have with my psp..

    if there is already an existing thread about this issue please refere me to it.. thanks.

    information beforehand.

    it is a psp phat (1000 series)
    so very versatile and CFW capable.

    now here is the issue..
    A buddy of mine just gave me his nephew's psp since it does not work.
    was told it does not turn on... I gave him $20 for it (maybe I shouldn't have... lol)

    anyways, I go and test it out...
    here is what happens...
    NOTHING... the light turns orange, means it charges...
    while battery is charging, turning it on will occasionally light up green but nothing happens.

    without the battery, placing the plug only... same results, orange light on, and once turned on... occasionally the green light will come out... but psp does not.

    Now.... here is the most important one...
    I have always been able to fix issues like this.
    I have made a Pandora battery years ago using my PSP.. (thanks to hell-cat for this)
    The pandora can basically un-brick and the CFW it can creat is 3.80 m33

    Now here is what happens when I place the Pandora battery and MS...
    green light keeps blinking.... and just keeps blinking..

    now question.... was the $20 not worth giving.... does this PSP have no HOPE.
    meaning it is BRICKED beyond repair..... anyways, that is all.

    I got another PSP issues, but I will put it on another thread...thanks.
  2. LocutusEstBorg

    LocutusEstBorg Contributor

    First check if the Pandora kit works on another PSP. If it doesn't work on the bricked PSP then the PSP is probably damaged.
  3. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i remember hearing somewhere that softmodded pandora batteries can revert back to normal under certain circumstances. if that is the case, maybe that's what happened to yours. try softmodding it again and see if that works.
  4. explosions

    explosions Member

    PSP + battery + charger = orange light (this is normal)
    PSP + charger = orange light (this is not normal, but is what you described)

    There's probably internal hardware damage if the PSP reacts in that manner.

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