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What games influenced you as a gamer that you never actually played?


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I never actually had a PSX, but seeing Ridge Racer on TV blew my mind at the time, so I wanted that types of games. Thats how I ended up playing Screamer, Destruction Derby and the likes.

Another game I never played was Wing Commander III, all I saw from it was a rolling demo that only had FMV, but it was a life changing moment for me, as it was the first time I've seen FMV on a computer.
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2077 ,it was my first video game as an adult and I buy a new computer for it ,I hadn't played any video game for over a decade before that ,but at fact ,I barely played , the time I spent in it add up to no more than 10 hours. But since then , I pick up video games like when I was a child


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Definely Ace Combat.
It has a deep and consistent lore, but I never got to play it because its a PS exclusive.

Actually I feel the same for most PS exclusives, but Ace Combat is indeed a special one for me, since it its unique of its kind, not even Hawx could match it in terms of gameplay, story, performance and meta-critics.

And yeah also Cyperbunk 2077, when I first heard about it I was like ''Yeah that's exactly how the future will look like"
And I wante to play it because, I would like to ''live'' what will the future generations will live in 2060-2080s.
Sadly it was a massive disaster. And it also would't even run on my notebook.


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yo me compre mi xbox por los juegos de zombies y mi primer juego fue left4 dead2 actualmente juego en ps4 muchos tipos de juegos


The Last Night by Odd Tales. After hearing Odd Tales were to release The Last Night exclusively on Xbox, I bought an Xbox One. Sadly, the game never got released on that console, and is still in development, but it nevertheless made me discover Microsoft's magnificent Game Pass. Therefore The Last Night is the game that has impacted me the most, even if it just indirectly. (I will also buy Xbox Series X because of The Last Night, but now I've learned my lesson and will not buy before it releases, if not Stray beat them to it.) Almost similar story with Cyberpunk 2077, which made me buy Stadia. But I did actually play some of that broken game there, but I haven't played the patched version yet. On the purely artistic side, I never got to play P.T., and still it made me even more convinced I should stay clear of horror games...