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Why Doesn't RoadRunner Have Faster Upload Speeds?


I mean come on! We're on RR turbo here, with a crappy barely 450 kbps upload! The download is great, the ping is better than DSL [27 ms ping vs 68 ms ping], it's just the upload!

Here's the fastest overall speed I got:

Here's the fastest upload speed I got [rarely]:

Here's the best ping:


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That is the norm with most ISPs, unfortunately. I have 15mbit download, 1mbit upload on Cox.

The only provider I know of that offers synchronous speeds is Verizon FIOS. Last I checked they had a 20mbit plan both ways. Wish it was available here.. I'd switch in a heartbeat.


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Same here in the UK.

What's strange is that I get better upload speeds with my mobile 3G connection than my home connection

Home connection

3G connection