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Why I Love Comex! [iPhone Hacker]



Why? Let me tell you my painful story.

It all started last night. I was in bed, reading iFans on my iPod. I came across this thread where it tells you that deleting some unused launch daemons on the iPod touch can speed it up and increase the memory a little. I attempted it. Without a computer. Using iFiles.

After I rebooted, it worked. But soon after I realized that something is causing the iPod to crash and reboot every 2 minutes. I was in bed, at 12:00 in the morning, so of course I wouldn't risk getting on the computer and get caught by my parent.

I headed back into iFiles, copied the backup files to the /System/ folder of the iPod. In attempt to replace the deleted files before the iPod rebooted, I accidentally renamed the most critical system folder on the iPod. iPod reboots right after I realized my mistake.

Oh dear. Recovery mode. [It tells you to connect to iTunes]. Oh Jesus...

I stayed up all night, made a topic on iFans, no one could help me. They all said to restore my iPod, but I had too much stuff on there not synced to iTunes. After Google-ing for a way to access the file system in DFU/recovery mode, tried them all, downloaded a bunch of softwares, none of which worked. I lost hope. Right before I went to restore my iPod, I thought, maybe talking to one of the famous iPhone hackers would help.

I immediately went on Twitter and contacted Saurik, comex, and chpwn.

Only comex replied.

At first he said it was hard, but possible, so I thought that he would automatically ignore my shout for help. But I was wrong.

My hopes got up again when he asked for my iOS version, the generation of my iPod, and if I am using Windows or Mac. I thought he was onto something.

After almost an hour of anxious waiting, he gave me a file. He said he modified the redsn0w, and it should rename the folder back, but has never been tested. I crossed my finger and went ahead and do it.

After seeing a bunch of commands running on my iPod touch screen, I felt so alive. And after a minute, it went to the lock screen. I was shocked! My iPod touch and all my data might be saved after all!

It worked! I thank deeply to comex, the nicest, FAMOUS iPhone hacker, I have ever met. You'd think that famous people just ignore random cries for help, but not comex. He saved me.




Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Great story, good to know that there are still developers out there who are willing to help. Now...don't mess with those files again :p


Great story, good to know that there are still developers out there who are willing to help. Now...don't mess with those files again :p

I think I definitely learned my lesson after almost losing my iPod!


Wow, nice guy. That warmed my heart, and I'm not even being sarcastic.


New Member
Kudos man. It's hard to find famous people who are laid back and down with their people. I mean their out there, but it's hard to come by. Great story