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Wrong achievements showing up


Hello, I have a problem with my WoW achievements, the ones that show up on my profile, are not the ones I earned - I haven't even played the game in 2017, yet I have some achievements earned in that year. Before I updated my profile, it showed 0 achievements earned, and before that, they were wrong again. What can I do to fix it?


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This can happen if you rename or delete characters from your WoW account, since someone else can claim the same character name afterwards and we can't see if it switched account owners.

I removed WoW from your game list so you can try connecting with Blizzard again to force a sync. You'll need to login to your WoW account before doing so though as activity from inactive accounts cannot be picked up. If your WoW account hasn't been accessed in the past 90 days, then the data isn't visible to us.