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Wrong completion % and display name not changing


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I found out that the site calculates a different %, different from what PSN says.
An example: Final Fantasy XV.
It has (too) many DLCs. The total completion % doesn't follow math rules. Main game has a bigger % weight and DLCs matter less.
So I have achieved 55 trophies (all 51 main game ones + 4 DLC ones) and PSN gives me 52% total completion rate (100%+30%+0%+0%+0%+0%+0%+0%).
2018-10-14 (1).png
Exophase, instead, gives a 60% (and that would be correct since 55 over 91 trophies is a 60.44% total rate.
Is it fixable or it works as intended by the site coder?

EDIT: I also changed my display name to Sir_Auron but it doesn't show on forum. How can I change it?

Thank you :D
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The display name now shows on the forum.

As for the completion - it's intentional. I believe Sony calculates the percentages from the trophy point values, but on other platforms (Steam for example) there are no points, so I mainly did this for consistency across all services.


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Oh, I see. Yeah, % is based on points indeed but some games don’t follow the rules (ie. Platinum trophy may weight only 1% or much more % points.
I guess having two a different way to calculate PSN points isn’t doable.
Oh! Thanks for the name!