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Xbox achievements sites


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HI all, I've not long been a member here, Achievements were never my thing until lockdown I started on gamertag nation true and here. Each site I have for its own reason.

But one site I love is xbltracker.com it lists all my games and if i auto refresh the page it's instant the achievements update like they do in the Xbox tracker what makes it so easy to have on the laptop while playing, and I can look over instead of having something on my game screen… the only downside and my only bug bear is no filters so can't put them in any order from closest to complete or anything…

I was wondering what sites could you not live without, or is there another site like xbltracker.com that allows instant updates and filters thanks
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Exophase for the cross-platform stats.

TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies for the guides, news, etc. (To a lesser extent TrueSteamAchievements as well. But they need more users for that one.)

XboxEra for the civilized forums. Everything else just seems to be a cesspool of toxicity these days.