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Xbox One versus PS4


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Still no decision made as to which one of these I should upgrade to, I have read all of the articles for each unit, the side by side stats, the pro's and the con's and I still can't make my damn mind up so I thought I would ask the gamers themselves, i.e you lot. I still have some unanswered questions, the main one for PS4 is, have they finally sorted out a good chat system so that you can talk to your buddies as you play, even if thats on different games or is it still locked to in game chat only, and probably for the Xbox one are they spying on us a little too much, I really don't like the idea of the kinect recording everything that you say, if this is indeed true, not sure. I know that the graphics are great on both and the PS4 is slightly faster in processing power. Any hands on advice would be a great help.



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I've got both systems and both are sitting collecting dust at the moment - waiting for TItanfall on Xbox One/PC.

The kinect is not recording anything you're saying - it is actively listening (although this you can turn off). It's an extremely handy feature and I have yet to turn on my Xbox using the traditional button method - I'm always talking to my TV to turn my Xbox On/Off.

I'd honestly wait a year before purchasing either one - the Xbox One's party system is a step back from last generation in its current state. The PS4's chat system has improved but the exact details I'm not too sure of since I haven't used it much myself. The next generation of gaming isn't about gaming performance - buy a PC for that, it's about ease-of-use and the social experience.


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Nice one J, thanks for the reply, ill keep thinking about it for awhile, if anyone else has any suggestions or further info send it over.



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I already own a PS4, and eventually I will get an Xbox One for sure. The reason I went with PS4 first, above all: it has support for indie, mid-level, and JP developers. Whereas the XB1, as of now, is about a couple AAA titles. And nothing more, for me. I'm really dying to play Dead Rising 3, as the series was my favorite original I.P. last-gen. I also want to play Titanfall a lot. But those are two games, and nothing more. I can't drop $600 at the moment to play two games, no matter how good they are. If there were more games on the horizon for me on XB1 in the next six months, sure. Whereas I already have more than a dozen solid games for PS4, many of which were free at launch thanks to PS+

Both sorts of games matter to me, but the bulk of my enjoyment in the 360/PS3 generation was from downloadable games (from indie, mid-level, and such developers.) For the first many years of that process, the only place to find those was XBLA on 360. XBLA was the platform that started this glorious revolution. But then, due to archaic policies and fees, the developers of those games were chased away from XBLA and over to Steam (by around 2011 or so.) In the past few years, however, they have mostly come back (in full force) to PSN. Either on PS3, PS4, or Vita. Whereas the Xbox brand has lost the support of such devs.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft's new "ID@XBOX" indie initiative for Xbox One plays out, but there are still some major hurdles. They still have a parity clause, much like they did on XBLA (one of the big things that chased away smaller devs.) If a download-only/indie game launches on Xbox One, there is a clause that it cannot launch on another platform sooner. If it did come out on PS4/Steam/etc earlier, then they will not allow it to be released on XB1. It has to be simultaneous on all platforms. This is basically to eliminate competition, and it's a move that most customers and developers obviously don't like. In the days when XBLA was king, companies were more keen to accept such an absurd clause (since XBLA had the biggest install base by leagues.) Nowadays, not so much.


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I got both, and they are both awesome, the two having pros and cons... Xbox One still with solid online experience, better online features, multitasking and solid multimedia option, with more exclusive games for now. PS4 has lots of indie games, better graphics for AAA titles, some PS+ games, etc.


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I'd rather not get into the debate at the moment, but I'd also rather people not spew misinformation everywhere;

First off, this (I believe) is only in the US. It is not worldwide. It is also only for the month of October and displays a marginal difference, not even scratching the surface.

Secondly, it is thought that the PS4 may be outselling the Xbox One by a margin of 2:1 (it doesn't seem like much written down, but double the consoles is a large number);


Finally, the Xbox One did flop greatly when it was first announced. There were even articles suggesting that, in some parts of the world, it was selling worse than the OUYA (that's pretty much rock bottom, let's face the facts here). It also only just overtook the Wii U in overall sales, and whilst that console has been released for two years whereas the Xbox One has only very much seen the light of day, this is still something to put it into perspective.

To conclude, I should say that they're both rather decent consoles (when you find something to actually play on them), but if we're looking purely in terms of sales then Sony is still just in the lead, although it may not last for long. The Xbox One is catching up rapidly and this could be very much like last console generation in reverse; Microsoft taking a huge lead, but Sony pulling ahead in the last year or two.

You can also look at other factors, such as Sony's huge amount of bankruptcy or, in terms of personal preference, the better exclusives.

Overall, I'm happy with my PS4 but I'm actually kind of regretting not getting a Wii U (since it has some pretty nifty exclusives).


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To be honest i moved from the 360 to PS4 and have to admit i like my console, saying that i'm getting a XB1 for Christmas for MS exclusives, IMO the PS4 is marginally more powerful a console but i personally think both are great machines which have been let down by the lack of really great games.


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PlayStation Forever, I grow up playing PS so play in Micro$oft consoles is really awful for me, plus our exclusives are better and I'm a trophy hunter at all.. Xbox doesn't have plats.
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xbox has always been my main console only second to my pc but i will probably get a ps4 as soon as uncharted 4 releases


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I will upgrade to PS4 because simply they have more exclusives, or at least more variety, the 360 became the gears and halo console while ps3 has a lot of different titles.

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Still no decision made as to which one of these I should upgrade to, I have read all of the articles for each unit, the side by side stats, the pro's and the con's and I still can't make my damn mind up so I thought I would ask the gamers themselves, i.e you lot. I still have some unanswered questions, the main one for PS4 is, have they finally sorted out a good chat system so that you can talk to your buddies as you play, even if thats on different games or is it still locked to in game chat only, and probably for the Xbox one are they spying on us a little too much, I really don't like the idea of the kinect recording everything that you say, if this is indeed true, not sure. I know that the graphics are great on both and the PS4 is slightly faster in processing power. Any hands on advice would be a great help.

Just buy both. All it takes is saving 5-10 bucks a week and someone could easily have both consoles in as little as 2 years, which is still plenty of time left in the consoles life span. If you are going to pick just one, I would definitely have to say Xbox One. First and foremost, MS has been the real innovator in the console space the last 2 generations running. High definition games, online gaming, matchmaking, digital distribution through an online store, indie games on a console, achievements, gamer score, movies and TV through a console, cross game chat, and the list goes on and on and on. All were seen first on Xbox and later adopted by Sony, which is actually a very smart strategy for Sony given that they haven't had the financial stability to be able to dump tons of money into R&D for the PS. That trend in continuing with the Xbox One. Skype and HMDI pass-through are just a couple of innovations thus far on the Xbox One that are amazing and no doubt, we will continue to see more as time goes on. The Xbox 360 at the roughly half way point was a 100% completely different console from the one that was launched. I really didn't even like the Xbox 360 when it launched, but by the time it hit the 4th year, it was the best console I had ever owned. I expect the Xbox One will be similar in this regard.

MS made a big mistake last generation in the latter years by losing focus on quality exclusives. Clearly they have learned from that mistake as they have set aside a billion dollars for exclusives on the Xbox One and have already made some great deals. The PS4 may have won 2014 in regards to hardware sales, but the Xbox One really dominated 2014 in regards to games. Yes, Sony is finally going to get some quality exclusives in 2014, but so is MS and MS already has some amazing exclusives you can buy right away, for discounted prices. Sunset Horizon, Titanfall, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Master Chief Collection, etc. Titanfall was just on sale, along with the season pass, for just $12. Sunset Horizon is one of the most unique shooters I have ever played, and while the Master Chief collection has been plagued with problem online, it is finally getting itself worked out and it has all of the single player campaigns, which are amazing. Forza Horizon 2 is EASILY one of the best racers I have ever played. In 2015 you have Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, Below, Scalebound, Ori and the Blind Forest, a new Gear of War, Crackdown 3, etc. Not to mention, MS finally has a quality person in charge of Xbox with Phil Spencer. The job he has done thus far is nothing short of brilliant. Miraculous would be another good word to describe the job he has done. I am excited to see what he does next.

If you normally prefer Playstation exclusives over Xbox's or your more concerned with technical specs and graphics than with games then I would say buy a PS4 as it is a bit more powerful and will have the edge in the graphics department on most games. In my opinion, graphics are the least important aspect to a game, at least at this point in the game. The graphics on the Xbox One are more than good enough for me. In fact, I jump back and forth all the time between next gen and last gen consoles and guess what, I still enjoy last generations games just as much as I do this generations games. Most people can't even tell the difference between 1080p and 720p given the quality of their eyesight and the distance they sit away from their HDTV when playing games or watching movies/TV. So they certainly won't notice the small difference between 900p and 1080p. Most Xbox One games will be 1080p, especially since they just freed up more processor power for developers. It will only be really rare games like Witcher 3 that wind up running at 900p. Someone with 20/20 vision would have to sit like 3 feet away from a 50" screen to be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 900p. Its just non issue for me.

And before people start throwing around fanboy comments. I am a multi console gamer. Always have been and always will be. I am also a PC gamer. I actually just built my first gaming PC last year. I believe in playing games and having access to any game that comes to market. I do not believe in pledging my allegiance to individual gaming companies. I understand that the market benefits from competition and I have no ill feelings towards any of the companies (MS, Nintendo or Sony). I hate fanboys and the overall crappy appearance they give gamers and yes that includes elitist PC gamers. Gamers should be united over their love of games, not divided over which hardware they use. All that being said, Xbox has just been a more exciting hardware platform and has really pushed innovation in the console industry more than any other company. I honestly believe if your going to pick a single console, which again I don't think anyone should, that the Xbox One is your best bet.

By the way, I absolutely DESPISE motion controlled gaming, but Kinect 2.0 is absolutely brilliant in regards to what it brings to the console itself. As a gaming peripheral, its still incredibly weak but as a peripheral to the console itself....well, its absolutely brilliant and this is coming from someone that was originally really upset MS was forcing me to buy one. I actually purchased a 2nd Xbox One, the White Sunset Overdrive bundle (which didn't come with a Kinect). It allowed me to jump back and forth between an Xbox One that had a Kinect and an Xbox One that didn't have Kinect. Well, it only took 2 weeks before I had placed an order for a 2nd Kinect. If you do go with Xbox One and you can afford it, buy the full version with Kinect. Skype in particular is absolutely amazing when playing with family and friends. I have a cousin down in Florida that I game with online 3-4 times a week and our game sessions have been VASTLY improved with Skype. Not to mention, all of the other features are amazing as well. In particular, the HDMI pass-through and being able to control which channel you want by saying it. This is great for me as I never remember the stupid channel numbers. Now I can just say the channel, without having to use a remote. It really is brilliant.

Anyways, just my 2 cents. I am sure you will enjoy whichever one you get, but you really should just buy both!
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Just buy both...
Have to say I agree with this person a bit. Get both if you can.

I personally have hated my overall experience with the Xbox One. It even goes all the way to talking on their official forums and having the thread deleted by mod/admins for no apparent reason. Me and some other people were discussing and comparing issues we've experienced. So here, let me give this a whirl.

If you're going to consider the "Plus/Gold(Live)" Memberships, I would go with Ps4. They have saved me so much money in games I personally like, with the occasional big gem in the bunch. A good way to go, Ps4. They usually also beat Xbox Marketplace discounts by a bit. The deals and flash sales are awesome and the ads and "junk" material is kept to a minimal on their store front. Their Monthly games also go cross-platform so much so you're usually getting the game for three systems at a time if it's available. Generally you get Two games they mention for the month but if you search the store or notice their monthly Vita game and see it has a Ps4 port, you get that too. Their interface is changing with every update, getting better here and there. Their Layout is easy to navigate while the Xbox One is clunky, big and too busty. However, I will give them that their mobile/device/tablet app is amazing and awesome to use. I love it. I've loved it ever since Bungie used it for their stat screens back during Halo Reach and some other games for their Waypoint app. The Xbox companion app is pretty spot on.

I've had a PlayStation 4 since December of its first year and while I feel it was of the duds due to issues I've encountered, I've had more fun, met more friends and had more great experiences than I feel I ever could on Xbox One. I've been on more forums, sites and chat rooms that lean towards PlayStation than any other system and it's served me well. The features have been great and the screenshot and recording/broadcasting is 10x simpler than on Xbox One. Not to mention when I take screenshots on Xbox One it only takes a screenshot of the pause menu sometimes because when you jump out to take the screenshot(double tap the Xbox logo on the controller) it pauses the game, causing the pause menu to be the screenshot. I will say though that Xbox One seems more tailored to keeping the game going when it comes to jumping to the dashboard(home screen) which is kinda nice.
But Ps4 is so seamless when they do it between jumping from App to App(Or Game to App).

The newer models of the Ps4 will be more on the energy saving side too, which is a plus. Mine sounds like a bloody jet engine.

A month or so back I bought an Xbox One, it came with the Halo Master Chief collection and I had another game for it. It took a week to download and install and that's on a good connection.From the get go every game I played stuttered and lagged and had frame-rate issues. Not to mention it always felt like there was a span of time between when my controller was used and when the reaction played on screen. Fast forward a month or so, I bought the system for my partner so now we're playing a wider selection of games. Not a single one is without frame-rate issues. Also to note, generally games will be at a lower resolution on Xbox than Ps4

The entire system was sluggish, slow and stuttered even on it's own menus, dashboard and the like. Settings Page, log-in page, Notifications, Messages, ect, ect. I returned the system within two weeks with my original Xbox One. The Snap feature is nice but too clunky and takes forever to run. YouTube freezes constantly when I have it snapped. I'd only use the feature for system apps and Pandora.

Overall, the experience is slightly improved second time around for my Xbox experience but I would say go with the Ps4 for now. Be opened minded about digital downloads and have a blast. It's been nothing but sweet for me.


There's a lot I haven't mentioned either so if there's something specific you want to know, let me know. Ask me anything.

P.S. The PlayStation 4 is more accessory friendly in my opinion but a headset for Xbox, along with their controller is likely always work with your PC.
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