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Yahoo! Search Result Hijacked?


If I search for something on Yahoo, I get to this website: http://www.siberoyun.org/
I tried Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE. Is this a virus?

El Diablo

Think it's some sort of virus or malware. At my work all of our computers there have been redirecting to that shit but from google but it doesn't happen to me at home or on any other computers.


No Google is fine, just Yahoo.


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Probably a problem with your hosts file. Try downloading McAfee Stinger (google it) and run that, I think that will fix your hosts file. Also use Spybot Search and Destory to look for spyware


Checked the hosts file, looked fine. Malwarebyte's didn't find anything.


New Member
I was having this issue too. Weird, no viruses found on my PC by MBAM and it doesn't happen in Bing or Google. I guess I'll just not use Yahoo.

Still a little worried.
Did u install any extensions/plugins that may inject codes to redirect yahoo search?
Also use adw cleaner, as it removes traces of viruses, malewares etc...