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Zune HD


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The hardware is awesome. No doubt about that. But IMO its massive potential is COMPLETELY WASTED by running a limited proprietary OS on it.

They should have just put Windows Mobile on it and designed a custom interface for 'Zune' mode. Something like the Touch Diamond's attempt at a fancy home screen. There are a lot of organizer apps that would make it an awesome handheld device. Not to mention RDP and J2ME VM.

Oh and how could I forget Skyfire/Opera Mini. Anyone who browses a lot on their handhelds knows that basically every native browser sucks balls except for Safari on the iPhone.


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Moble chrome also work quite well


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Audiosurf confirmed for ZuneHD.
I'm quickly reconsidering my orignal plan to buy a Cowon S9.


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Just got my Zune HD yesterday :D
Now I just need a way of getting a Zune Pass... I think I might be going legit with music now :eek: