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  1. LeTyp

    LeTyp - Steam

    Hi, I am a new Exophase user and I got flagged as 'Not Ranked' on Steam. After reviewing the attached rules for achievement hunting I assume the reason is the game Beast Blaster I played several years ago. Back then I wasn't aware of the rules and that game code alteration for unobtainable...
  2. Landerion

    Not ranked on Steam

    Hi, a friend and I got not ranked some time ago for the same unobtainable achievement, we've already learned the lesson and deleted the game from our profiles. Can we have our ranks back, please? My account is Landerion, and my friend's is Martxu_04. Thank you for your attention.
  3. x3sphere

    Appeal Instructions - Read Before Posting

    If your account has been marked as "Not Ranked" indicating possible cheating, then you may create an appeal thread in this forum to get your account re-instated on the leaderboards. Before creating a thread, please familiarize yourself with the Unified Achievement Hunting Rules that our site...