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Appeal Instructions - Read Before Posting

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If your account has been marked as "Not Ranked" indicating possible cheating, then you may create an appeal thread in this forum to get your account re-instated on the leaderboards. Before creating a thread, please familiarize yourself with the Unified Achievement Hunting Rules that our site follows.

In general, a player must unlock achievements: inside of a game by in-game actions; by their own control; without outside-modifying game files or game code; without using another player’s save file, and; without using outside cheat programs.

To ensure a smooth appeal process, please be honest and upfront about all games you've cheated in. If you feel you've been incorrectly marked, please explain why. And if you aren't sure which games you've cheated in, indicate as such in your post. This will give our enforcer team all the necessary information they need to handle your appeal in a timely manner. If you openly lie in your appeal or attempt to submit any fake screenshots/videos in your appeal we will not accept further appeals from your account.

When posting an appeal thread, include the username of the banned account and the associated service name (PSN, Xbox, Steam, etc) in the title field. Additionally - if you've received a "Not Ranked" mark for multiple accounts, please create a separate thread for each account to keep things organized.

Example: x_sphere - PSN
Please understand that there is no guarantee you will be allowed back on the leaderboards as part of our appeal process. In particularly egregious cases (see below for examples), the only option may be to start fresh with a new profile.

Examples in which appeals will not be granted:
  • Earning achievements in games only accessible to developers (e.g. Test builds of certain games that are impossible to access legally)
  • Using unlocker tools across a significant amount of games
  • Profile reset by platform holder (e.g. Gamerscore reset by Microsoft)
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