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  1. L

    ¿Los logros pierden o ganan valor con el tiempo?

    Pensé en ayudar a un grupo de jugadores con un logro que es muy difícil de obtener solo, pero mi pregunta es si al hacerlo el logro perderá su valor de raro o su puntuación y exp de exophase. También si a los jugadores que adquirieron un logro raro se les reduce o aumenta el exp cuando este...
  2. Prokapustish

    Suggestion : Separation DLC achievements from Main achievements in game cards [ORIGIN/Steam]

    I have a suggestion about separation DLC achievements from Main achievements in game card. For example games for PS4 have separated lists like here - https://www.exophase.com/game/aragami-ps4/trophies/ But for EA Origin and Steam there are not (hovere there is only one achievement for Origin...
  3. xCryptoNight

    Achievements Ubisoft

    Hi! Is there any way, they can add some achievements from games ? Like the Far Cry games & Assassins's Creed games have achievements on ubisoft, but doesnt show them on Exophase.
  4. DrPlague

    Google Play game won't update to completed even though it is in Exophase (number of achievements)

    I can't understand why i can't get this game to show as completed, it has a total of 8 achievements and the 8 achievements show up on my Exophase's profile. I waited for it to update for a while, but after another game from google play updated i got really worried about it. The name of the game...
  5. LiiGHTz

    Exophase app?

    Hello, ever thought about publishing a app?
  6. nanashi89

    XBLA ? about Achievements and PC versions on XBOX One Games

    If I were to get an Achievement on a Xbox One game on PC (like Killer Instinct), would it show up on my Exophase Gamer Card and Achievement list?