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Achievements Ubisoft


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Is there any way, they can add some achievements from games ? Like the Far Cry games & Assassins's Creed games have achievements on ubisoft, but doesnt show them on Exophase.


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We only track challenges as that’s all they show on the public Ubisoft Connect profiles. The achievements aren’t visible to anyone else in the desktop client. Even if you have a user added as friend, you cannot see their achievements. So until that changes we will not be able to track them.
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Last year there was a little scandal UbiSoft leaving achievements behind with their new games, such as Vallhala and Legion (even though they've started to add achievements to Steam only in 2017-2019 years). They told us that they are not abandoning this system entirely but somehow trying to merge it with their challenges. What it means is that from now on we will have challenges as a replacement for achievements (basically less achievements on PC) and NO achievements for older games. That is sad but true. And since there is no way to see other people achievements, the only way is via some sort of SteamGuide with screenshots of an Ubi app page


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Could you insert the possibility to add games manually along with their achievements for tracking purposes? I have a lot of Ubisoft games and would hate to redo them all, if someone thinks it would be unfair we can also set the score to 0 for those achievements so that high rankers would compete and show off, while people who just enjoy tracking their progress will have all their progress in one place. Right now I'm using Excel sheets to track Ubisoft achievements, that sucks.


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The only thing i can think about is : playnite! There you can manually add achievements & looks better dan ubisoft itself.