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  1. SamXavia

    [PSP] The Sim's 2 Castaway Missing

    The Sim's 2 Castaway is missing from the PSP library of games.
  2. ihsan

    How many of you played squid game mobile?

    Hi guys I want to know how I can create a game like a squid game for mobile users. The squid game is trending worldwide so I wanted to catch the trend. if you can suggest me developer which can develop a game like this Squid Game Check this out... let me know if anyone can be a game like this
  3. ihsan

    What is The Best Tower Defense Game Of 2020?

    Hey Guy i found the best tower defense game for android device. If you know any other let me know. Kingdom Strike
  4. Rain.

    Droid Gravity Marsh - Celebrate! Achievement

    Game called Gravity Marsh has one achievement that seems unobtainable, but what i've seen on the leaderboards many people obtained it. I got past level 1-10 and have almost all achievements, the only one i'm missing is Celebrate! achievement which you can get by winning the game. Though level 11...
  5. JKpowned

    Free Game The Red Solstice (Steam Key) Humble Bundle

    Hey everyone, You can get The Red Solstice for free till tomorrow trough this link https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-red-solstice?hmb_source=theredsolstice_freegame&hmb_medium=banner Here is a key since i already have the game: CZMHD-L6996-GXQPT Have fun!
  6. KezraPlanes

    PC Game Giveaways Master Thread

    So since it is now so very common for some of the various PC seller platform to give away games with some regularity, I decided it would be a good idea to have a master thread with all these little giveaways whenever they come out. Starting off the thread: GOG is giving away Mount&Blade for...