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Droid Gravity Marsh - Celebrate! Achievement


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Game called Gravity Marsh has one achievement that seems unobtainable, but what i've seen on the leaderboards many people obtained it.
I got past level 1-10 and have almost all achievements, the only one i'm missing is Celebrate! achievement which you can get by winning the game.
Though level 11 seems impossible to beat, since it's missing objects that you can walk on for HALF OF THE LEVEL.
I tried many times to somehow get past this level, the only thing i discovered is that the last snow block you can stand on is.. melting? it's going all the time down and you can stand on it, i tried to wait like 40 seconds and then changing the gravity to maybe reach the end of the level, but it didn't worked.

Someone knows how to beat this level? And how to actually get this achievement?


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Hello, you don't have to finish the game to unlock "Celebrate!".
After you finish a stage for the first time, you will see that icon on the picture :)