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  1. BigNutter

    My card has gone missing in action!

    I've noticed my card has Gone missing. I loaded the image up directly ( https://card.exophase.com/2/0/8854.png ) and got this message: Sorry for I had to snip the Errror code due to it being beyond forum limit for text.
  2. FelixTheFox

    Blizzard won't remove off from my profile?

    I have unlinked Blizzard account and it still showing on my profile. I don't like because it has no game and profile pic, I don't want it showing up on my gamercard. I only want PSN, XBLA, Steam and Origin on my gamercard. Hope you can help me with it? Thanks =3

    Gamercard Issue

    Hello guys! I'm having an issue with the Gamercard Creator not showing any of my Xbox One games or achievements. I changed my privacy settings for the required sections on the Xbox website. I've included an image of what I'm seeing below. Please help!