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google play achievement

  1. MoriyaZoraito

    Resync request

    Hi, I used this Gmail instead of my other one and it unlocked an achievement for Clash of Clans, I already deleted the game and the achievements. It shows only 14 achievements unlocked overall on my Google Play profile, but in Exophase still shows 15 achievements. I would like to ask if it is...
  2. Ennui72826

    Droid Ovivo - Facepalm Achievement

    "Find a hidden area" Anyone knows how to get this one on Google play?, it says the 2% of players got it, but here on exophase there's no one registered with it.
  3. TiagoDapper

    Droid Strike Soccer 2018 Free Kick [guide]

    So, I'm looking to finish this game, but the achievements can be confusing, as I've already advanced in it, I can state some points that can help you if you want this 100% too. 1. In this game all your achievements are lost, that is, if you don't get it, you must erase all your progress to get...
  4. Hae14

    Droid Merchant

    Can anyone Confirm if the Ach "Maximum Grokage" is Unlockable??