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Droid Strike Soccer 2018 Free Kick [guide]


So, I'm looking to finish this game, but the achievements can be confusing, as I've already advanced in it, I can state some points that can help you if you want this 100% too.
  • 1. In this game all your achievements are lost, that is, if you don't get it, you must erase all your progress to get it. Only the achievement "Release the Kraken" is not lost, because you just click on "see more games" within the game that it already falls, by the way this achievement of 20,000 XP in your profile.
  • 2. Why are they lost? Simple, this game was stupid to ask you to beat all the levels of each field, and in them there are "extra" levels that have nothing extra, because if you don't get 1 star on it (out of 3) or simply don't play it the achievement does not fall and it is IMPOSSIBLE to return to it, you can only put it to play once and if it fails, keep clicking on try again, because if you get 0 star, you also lose the achievement.
  • note: This happened to me, I ended up leaving an extra level and the achievement of finishing the first field didn't fall, I did everything in field 2 until the extras to test and the achievement fell. In other words, it is normal for users to have achievements in this game "out of order", so much so that I will leave field 1 for last, as I will not start from scratch and lose what I have already won, such as balls and cleats.
  • 3. Do not buy soccer shoes or balls (with gold balls), the gold balls would be rare money, should be spent on energy for 24h. In other words, you can play as many times as you like for 24 hours. If you have any further ahead, you can even buy a ball or a 3 star boot that will help with the points to meet the requirements of each stage, but don't spend it at the beginning, as you'll probably get something good in roulette (I won a 2 stars ball and one 3 stars soccer shoes in daily roulette, and look that you can try more times seeing 1 advertisement).
Anyway, I think I said everything I had to say. If you remember more information that I didn't pass on, I'll make another post here in this topic.

GAME -> https://www.exophase.com/game/strike-soccer-2018-free-kick-android/achievements/