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google play

  1. ajrspigarolo

    PC Google play

    Cant find game" top racing "
  2. Gamingboy79

    Some google play games wont autologin

    Hi everyone Im pretty new to Google play acheivment hunting and was try to get some games done on my Samsung galaxy s10. Was just wondering if u was doing anything wrong when it comes to earning achivemnts on Google play. I have the box ticked for auto logging and some games don't do it. And as...
  3. pjumpod

    Just want to share my game, 90000exp with only 5 achievements.

    Just want to share my game, 90000exp in google play games with only 5 achievements. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pjumpod.a2048


    Hey i just relaized when i was on my google play profile via app it says i had about 705 achievements while on here it say i have 665. Is there something wrong where its not picking up some data...i tried resenting my info but nothing.
  5. Ludio

    Google Play Android Achievements?

    Can Exophase track Android Google Play Achievements? I never saw it on Exophase before, but I just saw on the homepage it had Minecraft for Android achievements added as a new game.