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Some google play games wont autologin


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Hi everyone

Im pretty new to Google play acheivment hunting and was try to get some games done on my Samsung galaxy s10. Was just wondering if u was doing anything wrong when it comes to earning achivemnts on Google play. I have the box ticked for auto logging and some games don't do it. And as far as I can see I can't earn acheivements unless I'm logged into Google play games app. Help would be great im missing out on some games that I would love to acheivment hunt on


I know some games are not working anymore , because they worked with 'google +' , also ive found other games not working , but some developers do not respond.


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damn that really sucks :(
I will tell you more — sometimes, Good Play games that are free cannot be downloaded without using the VPN service. I do not know why it happens. I changed the locations several times (staying in different counties), but the bug would appear again.


A little late, but I had a similar problem with Very Little Nightmares. Most games actually have an in-game menu to view achievements and in most cases clicking this button until the achievements show up, also logs you in. At least that worked for me.


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Make Sure G Play Games is Not Getting Killed in the Background, coz' Sometimes it Happens to Me & Just when u'r Sure that u Unlocked an Ach, it Won't Get Synch..