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  1. Hae14

    Droid Nautical Life

    is the Achievement "Trophy Collector" The One Where U Buy The Things(Trophies ~I Guess) on The islands???
  2. JoseskVolpe

    Gaming Dead Effect 2 - Who Needs Ammo? Guide

    Chapter 17 - Russian Trail To get this achivement, don't take any ammo box in the map. The best way to do that is to change your weapons to melee, paralizer or magic extension and refill your remaing equipped fire weapons or bows, then, use only melee, magic and paralizer You can get this...
  3. N

    Gaming NoahG59’s Exp Guide

    Are you stuck behind someone by just a few hundred Exophase Points (Exp)? Well this guide is here to help you pass that someone! Exp is calculated by this: ratio = (players / earners); ratio = sqrt(ratio); ratio = (10 * ratio); This means that the total games players divided by the players...