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  1. elwingoo

    Xbox One App

    My profile is just created, and I wanted to see the amount of hours I had on YouTube. It appears my profile only shows Xbox One games/games in general. How do I enable viewing of apps?
  2. V

    My hours dont apeard

    I created now a user and i cant see my hours
  3. T

    I only see the last games played

    I can't see the games I played days or months ago
  4. B

    Hidden games' stats are not hidden from the cumulative

    Hi all, I'm very new to this site. When I discovered I could hide games from my profile I got pretty excited. As a former PS4 player, I had difficulties dealing with those <10% completion in games that were stuck on your profile forever. Now I have hidden a lot of games from my profile and only...
  5. Sanjoe

    Can`t add manually time for games i played...

    I cant add manually time for games i played. Everytime i type in my value i click on save and everything is fine. If i refresh the site the old time still showed and no change i did is there.
  6. obviouslykieran

    Hours and last played not updating

    Hey all, first time posting on the forums but I'm having a problem with my Xbox games not updated since November last year. I've tried relinking my gamertag but it doesn't work for some reason, anyone had the same issue?
  7. chronykle

    Us Cute Wittle Gamers

    Its cute how we can pump our gaming achievements with little forum tags. Hell Im game but it is good to have background info. In all my gaming I have clearly cleared 50K hours heading to 75K now. Oh hell yes look at my steam account and that is a new steam account. Before I didnt have a steam...