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  1. yandantasBR

    Remove the flag, please

    Please re-enable my PSN account trophy syncing
  2. I

    I can't see hours played in any game of psn (ps4)

    I already seen in this site how many hours i got on rocket league but now i cant see any of them that i got on psn...
  3. Malo_gdm

    Compte psn impossible à lier

    Hey, j'avais lié mon compte psn à un autre compte éxophase mais malheureusement j'ai perdu ce compte éxophase et depuis impossible de relier mon compte psn.
  4. M

    PSN Account data

    my account data has not been updated for over 2 weeks
  5. meiki chan

    PSN FFXIV achievements don't appear

    Hi, I've recently made an account on exophase so i could see how much time i spend on games, but for some reason it doesn't show that i play FFXIV at all... Even though I've gotten achievements in the game the website tells me i earned 0 trophies. Is this fixable?
  6. T

    Apex: Legends

    Hi all, I linked my PSN account with exophase and I can see all my games, all except for one, which is Apex: Legends..... does anyone know why? It would be great if someone could help me because Apex is the main reason I set up an exophase profile :). Thanks in advance!
  7. N

    PSN/Gamerscore converter?

    Hi! I was tryna to get my gamerscore to match the equivalent of my PSN level (which i think at the time would be about 80K). BUT since the change of the PSN score to 3 digits, I'm confused. Is there a way to figure the PSN level equivalent to your Gamerscore?
  8. MemeticMaxfield

    PSN hidden games & trophies are visable

    For context: I have hidden trophy lists from a handful of games that were attributed to my PSN ID, which happened because a number of people other than myself played their own games on my PlayStation systems without my profile/user being logged out of properly. I hid these trophy lists not only...
  9. Natenstine

    Unable to link PSN

    Hey Team, Just wondering if there are any issues with linking PSN to profiles at the moment. I have added Xbox and steam already but my PSN is not so happy. Symptoms: After typing in correct name and clicking "save changes" it sits with a light blue button indefinitely. Tested with incorrect...
  10. K

    Im new. How do i make it detect psn and xbox achievments

    I added my names, i see my xbox gamercard. Thats it. How do i make my psn teophies shiw up and get my name on these lists of who got them? Thanks. Im using android phone if that matters
  11. Siddou

    psn sync

    Hi, Many psn trophies mostly from 2015 are missing on my profile. Thanks again for your great work.
  12. Spam

    Something strange and concerning...

    Recently, play history for Fifa 16 on PS4 showed up on my profile. I don't own a ps4, i don't own fifa 16, i don't know anyone who owns fifa 16 on a ps4 as far as I know. At first I thought my psn account had been hacked, however I checked on my account on the Sony site; I only have my 2 ps3...