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PSN hidden games & trophies are visable


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For context: I have hidden trophy lists from a handful of games that were attributed to my PSN ID, which happened because a number of people other than myself played their own games on my PlayStation systems without my profile/user being logged out of properly. I hid these trophy lists not only because they aren't mine to display, but also because in one instance a former associate of mine, acting with malicious intent, deliberately unlocked a decent amount of trophies using methods that most (myself included) would probably consider cheating/illegitimate.

My issue: Despite being hidden on PSN, these specific trophies are visible on my public page. They aren't counted in my statistics, and the actual games lists aren't present among my games, but the individual trophies are publically viewable using the beta version of the new build of the site and at least one hidden trophy appears as one of my rarest trophies.

This is obviously an issue for me, as not only do I not want to take the credit for the legitimate trophies not earned by me, but I do not want to be falsely labeled a cheater for the illegitimate trophies that I had no part in unlocking.

How was it possible for PSN privacy settings to be bypassed by this site, and can this be fixed? I mean absolutely no offense to the owner by posting this.
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I have removed the trophies now. To clarify, no privacy settings were bypassed, these were originally picked up by the site when you did have them visible.

I can see that the games were at least partially removed when we detected they were hidden - since they weren't showing in your games list or counting towards other stats. Just the individual trophies did not get removed for some reason. I will look into that, it wasn't intentional.

Edit: I ran some tests and this has been fixed - trophies are fully removed when a game is hidden.
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