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  1. IntensoFOX

    Critical question about the achievements and trophies of the same game on different platforms and devices!!!

    With the existence of several platforms and various devices, from the oldest to the new ones that emerge, the games, when achieving the achievements and trophies, prefer that they only manage to the same game, starting over again on each different platform and device , or if you achieve an...
  2. YouGotHitByGunner

    Multi Cross-platform Community

    We're a friendly and active cross-platform achievement hunting community, that welcomes any type of achievement hunters to join our ranks. Doesn't matter on which platform you play, there's enough room for everyone. Our only requirement is to be respectful and friendly. Here, you can talk about...
  3. warcraftman68

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Additional Feats Trophies

    The Heir of Memories One Really, Really Bad Day Every Story Has an Ending Are these three trophies in the game yet? They have been there for a while and I can find nothing about them or where to find them?
  4. D


    Would anybody be willing to help me with the titles. Only have the win 50 online and im all done, its dead online 😅
  5. RhesusOC

    Pain in the ass trophies/achievements

    What trophies/achievements have been the biggest pain in the ass for you?
  6. armyofnave

    Abzu 100% Achievement Walktrough