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  1. Konsterter

    What is WP platform?

    There are several games available only WP platform For example, Bad Piggies Someone know what is WP?
  2. A

    Xbox one games no longer track time played ?

    Hey Guys, I noticed that if you are playing Xbox one games on Xbox series X/S, it is no longer tracking the time played? I have noticed this in several games eg Ac unity, Ac syndicate, CoD Ghosts etc. Is it only me or is this happening with others too?
  3. elwingoo

    Xbox One App

    My profile is just created, and I wanted to see the amount of hours I had on YouTube. It appears my profile only shows Xbox One games/games in general. How do I enable viewing of apps?
  4. R

    Certain game playtime not showing

    I wanted to see how much playtime I have one my xbox 360 terraria copy but it is one of the few games that isn't showing playtime but the xbox one version of terraria does so I wanted to know if exophase just doesnt find the playtime of certain games or if it just isnt showing up for some reason
  5. CrowSlayerBR

    The site just stopped counting my hours played in Diablo 3: ROS

    It's been some months since this happened and still, i'm stuck at "1462.63h", and yes i have played the game more (around +5 days to be exact). Oh, i'm so unlucky that even the Xbox statistics says that i have 6 days of playtime, makes no sense and it just reseted without a reason :( I'm now...
  6. Jamanam

    Deleting Xbox achievements

    Hello there. Long story short, my Xbox account was hacked about 10 years ago, in the time I didn't have it, the guy modded my account to give 100% achievements to a ton of games. I've had my account back for a long time but Xbox won't/can't remove those achievements. I want to sync my account...
  7. muryllo


    A Recently Xbox update add a Playtime for almost EVERY game in Xbox One/Series library. I was wondering if Exophase will have a update to track the play time of every game now? since it's still showing the play time of only some games. Thanks.
  8. RhesusOC

    Defiance 2050

    How many of you are enjoying the last couple of weeks of Defiance/Defiance 2050 before they close the servers down? Anybody willing to help others get the co-op achievements before the close?
  9. pansageyt

    Can you add 2 Xbox Profiles?

    I have 2 Xbox profiles. 1 older, when I was idk 9 years old (Xbox 360) 2 newer, which I use for game pass (PC) I wanted to do 2 profiles and Idk if I can
  10. J

    Xbox Account not linking

    Just created an account linked my xbox account but nothing appears... no games, no achievements... and when i input my gamertag, it wont recognise it??
  11. foxwire

    Realistic Difficulty achievement Guide Playlist

    I made a playlist to guide you to the "Realistic Difficulty" achievement. I hope this will help you! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP-2v-x7MeLdoNhRp4TVjshd1CBVVGiv8
  12. thekama69

    Cannot load my achievements

    Hi, I've got a problem with loading my achievements from my xbox live. It just shows all old ones (5 to be exact...)and on my xbox account it shows all of them (only few more, but still none of new ones appear). How can I upload it ? I've tried deleting it and adding it a few times, but nothing...
  13. Iconic_killer95

    Multi Consoles

    Which console is the best x) and why? xD
  14. Sloppydj

    Windows 10 Titles

    Hey there, Just thought I'd leave feedback that a lot of Windows 10 games with Achievements seem to be slipping through the cracks and not getting added to the Windows PC games list. Got a few big titles in there now like Minecraft Story mode, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pinball FX, and Oxenfree...