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The site just stopped counting my hours played in Diablo 3: ROS


New Member
It's been some months since this happened and still, i'm stuck at "1462.63h", and yes i have played the game more (around +5 days to be exact). Oh, i'm so unlucky that even the Xbox statistics says that i have 6 days of playtime, makes no sense and it just reseted without a reason :(

I'm now playing on Xbox Series S.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
It’s no longer updating since the playtime reset on Xbox’s side. We’ve got some checks in place so lower values will not overwrite higher ones

The only way we could fix this would be to add the current Xbox time to what’s been logged here so far (since it was correct before). Seems like that could work with the changes that were proposed to the manual playtime tracking.