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3.40 OE-A Plugins and Useful Homebrew


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This really should be stickied and updated,perhaps with a thread for peoples opinions on what homebrew/plugins to add?


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question with the wifisniffer...does it let you use protected internet??


But I was committed after that birthday party...
No WPA/WEP Wardriving for King-Wade.:biggrin:


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i wanted to install to my firmware 3.40 oe the "USB ISO plugin for 3.02oe -Load ISO on your pc ,via usb on the psp".. but i just cant get it!! wher do i need to place my ISO Folder??

I tried to make it works, but then ... if i enable the plug in on the recovery mode, my psp stuck and dont restart, i disabled it, and my psp restarts fine. Every time that i enabled i just cant restart.
ill appreciate any help